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  The Worry-free Pre-Paid Card!

Now you can enjoy the benefits of a VISA Debit Card without worry!

CU Money Cards offer convenience and safety!

CU Money Card is a pre-paid card that you can load with any amount from $100-$5000.

The card works like your Debit Card but because it is “pre-paid”, your checking or savings accounts are not linked to it. If the card is lost or stolen, your accounts are not in jeopardy!

CU Money Cards are full of benefits:

ü Only $5.00 to purchase a card
ü Load dollar amounts from $100 to $5000
ü Two (2) Year Expiration
ü Unlimited reloading
ü $2 Fee for Reloading
ü Reload online at www.cumoney.com
ü Accepted worldwide (anywhere Visa Debit Cards are accepted)
ü Accepted at Hotels, Car Rentals, Gas Pumps and ATMs
ü Choose your own PIN
ü Text or email Alerts
ü Emergency Card Replacement
ü Zero Liability
ü Travel and Emergency Assistance
ü Lost Luggage Reimbursement

CU Money Cards are perfect for anyone, any place and are ideal:

v Every day – Don’t worry about your card when at a restaurant
v Online - Shop online with more confidence
v Students – Reload online - budget control
v Travel – Worry-free; safer than cash and protected against fraud

Purchase and Load your card
at the credit union!
Ready to use in 24 hours!